More than four years ago I woke up in a strange and yet somewhat similar world. I laid in bed in a white room, with the constant beeping of monitors I was unaware of. Strangers were constantly walking in, waking me up, asking me questions and probing me with painful needles. Life seemed ok though, as I was getting food constantly despite not being hungry. I watched movies and slept most of the day. Eventually one day they forced me up and out and I had to walk laps around the floor. I saw ill and injured patients but disassociated myself from them. I felt I was different.  That everything was ok for me. Little did I realize that I had packing in my nose, staples on my scalp, stiches all over eyelids, lips, and shoulder or the giant staples on my leg. I was pretty banged up. When I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t know the girl looking back. Then one day I asked a question. That led me to a question which had an answer that still seems surreal and changed my life forever. I woke up in an Intensive Care Unit to learn that fate nearly had claimed my life during a fatal car crash. I awoke to a traumatic brain injury, a broken face and many other minor injuries. I thought I understood my life but learned I had no clue. When you wake up to a new world, its hard to face, embrace and move forward. Since then I have been on a long road of recovery and have been working rather hard at healing, improving and better myself. I still have many bad days and days with such intense pain that I am not sure I can move on. Thankfully as I move forward, those seem to be less and less and I seem to be able to do more and more. This is the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. I have had to EMBRACE CHANGE more in the past four years than ever before. However I have learned change is not always bad.  However, for me, embracing the knowledge that change is constant is what helps me to move forward.


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